Specialist Engineering and Environmental Solutions
MWA Environmental are providers of specialist engineering and environmental services to developers, government and professional clients.
MWA Environmental
MWA Environmental
environmental planning

MWA is often heavily involved in the conceptual design stage of development to provide information about what type of environmental constraints may occur. This arms our clients with a greater knowledge of the project being undertaken. In turn, this knowledge enables our clients to access cost efficient options and evaluate long term directions to use these constraints to their advantage or minimise their impact.

MWA’s input then provides a basis for the subsequent detailed analysis and reporting necessary to take the development through to the approvals process.

MWA also provides specialist services at the broad-scale planning stage to planners of industrial estates, infrastructure and potential development areas in flood plains.

environmental assessment

Being a multi-disciplinary consultancy of environmental engineers and scientists, MWA has a recognised in-house capability to undertake environmental impact assessments for a wide range of urban, infrastructural, resort, industrial, aquaculture and rural development proposals.

environmental management

MWA is increasingly involved in the preparation of detailed environmental management plans for new and expanding developments. MWA has the in-house capability to provide a full service in this regard for developments in industrial, commercial, urban, rural and natural areas.

coastal zone management

MWA has a strong track record in providing specialist consultant services for resort, marina and comprehensive development in the beachfront, estuarine and hinterland areas of the coastal zone. We are a multi-disciplinary practice that services private and government clients with a particular emphasis on development within the coastal zone.
Development in the beachfront, hind dune and estuarine sections of the Coastal Zone requires an understanding of the natural processes and the impact development may impose.
The principal and professional staff have specific expertise related to engineering and coastal ecosystems combined with coastal engineering capabilities to address these issues.

waste disposal

MWA is experienced in the assessment of proposals to dispose of effluent from industrial, waste treatment and rural sources by irrigation.
Using comprehensive modelling combined with water and soil quality monitoring, MWA is able to assess waste water treatments which would determine the standard to be achieved to allow the treated effluent to be discharged into waterways.
MWA is also experienced in the assessment of proposals for the treatment and disposal and recycling solid waste on to land. An example of this is large scale composting and manure spreading.

hazard and risk assessments

MWA is often called upon to prepare hazard and risk constraints assessments for developments with respect to both environmental and industrial risk and hazards.


MWA staff have significant experience is assessing the impacts of development lighting upon the surrounding environment and adjacent land users. Field studies using light measuring equipment are regularly undertaken for both development and industrial clients.