air quality

& managing
air quality

MWA is well-equipped in the assessment of air pollutant emissions through our extensive experience in measuring, modelling and managing air quality.

Using computer modelling of atmospheric dispersion, we are able to predict the potential degree of exposure in pollution-sensitive areas to levels of odour, dust and other air pollutants. This enables MWA to suggest buffer distances and emission control measures avoiding costly potential land-use conflicts.

industrial emissions

• Air quality studies for industrial processes including power stations and manufacturing facilities.

Extractive Industry

• Extensive experience in air quality (dust) assessments for proposed and existing quarries including hardrock, soil and sand extraction.

traffic emissions

• Road traffic pollutant studies with respect to impact upon sensitive uses including childcare and educational facilities, field monitoring and computer modelling.

dust & odour

• Dust impact assessments for uses including concrete batching plants, quarries, timber manufacturing and similar industry.

• Odour impact assessment for sewage treatment facilities, composting facilities, abattoirs, poultry farms, cattle feedlots and piggeries.

planning studies

• Providing specialist consulting services to masterplanning studies for new residential, commercial and industrial development.

• Air pollutant constraints assessment.

• Air pollutant impact modelling and reporting.